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Sunday, 07 April 2013



The little shrimp cups look so good right now! Do all the greens come with that dish for $6.95? Is there someplace in SD that you can recommend trying that dish? I've never had it before

Katie Tran

Have you guys been to Brodard Chateau? It's my preferred location despite the markup, but the ambience is so nice :)


Hi Faye - Sorry to say, no Banh Khot in SD. And yes, all of that for $6.95.

Hi Katie - We tried to go to BC once, but the line was out the door. Thanks for taking the time out to comment.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

I am so overwhelmed when I go to Viet restaurants without a fellow Vietnamese friend I usually just stick to the Pho Tai! So I am literally writing some of the Vietnamese dishes you mention down on a note on my phone with descriptions so I can handily access it and order something new next time! haha.


LOL JS - I know what you mean. I call it "Vietnamese menu overload", every possible variation of every dish. If you do a google site search you'll notice that I've mentioned that many times.


Seriously, 7 years your tasted buds has taken its toll from all the terrible food you have inflicted upon it. ;-)
I like this place and only order the Joan's shrimp rolls.

On the other side of the build next to 99cent store there is this shop that makes really good sweat potato and shrimp fries and bun cha hanoi IMO.


LOL Billy - Or perhaps lack of good food has lowered your standards! ;o) Seriously, I think something's changed over the years here.


Yeah, no kidding. Not having good food in Sa,Tx lowers my standards a bit. My mom makes the shrimp paste from scratch and it does not taste anything like Brodard and it doesn't hurt that my Dad is a shrimper.

Wandering Chopsticks

What? No durian or lychee macarons for you?

I think the nem nuong were always a bit bland. Well, compared to how I make it. And that their sauce was really what added flavor. I've never eaten the rolls without the sauce.

Their banh khot are like mini banh xeo to me. My mom and youngest aunt's versions are more like crispy banh beo. So it varies.

If you ever make it up to San Jose, Vung Tau Restaurant makes an excellent version that's rounder, like an aebleskiver, with more coconut milk. I figure that's probably closer to the original since banh khot originated in Vung Tau.


I really think something has changed over the years WC.....not quite sure what it specifically is.

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