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Monday, 08 April 2013



Nice to see that little place expand to another area - I haven't been to the old location in awhile but I remember it was always really tasty. We go down to CV every two weeks or so so I'll have to check out the new digs! I went to that place when it was a hot dog place... Hawaiian food will definitely be better.


Looks better than anything I can get over here.


Funny Kirk, my son and I went to HH for lunch last week for the first time in a long time and saw the sign that another restaurant was opened. Good luck to Mo!


Wow - this location looks new and shiny, compared to the other one :-) Glad to hear that Mo is busy and doing well enough to open a second location.


Check them out Mary! I hope you have a good meal.

Hi Kyle - Really? That's kind of sad.

Hey Jack - I hope they do well.....

Hi Sandy - Hopefully they can keep it that way.


Ah ha! So that's what replaced that hot dog place (which used to be Submarina)!

Looks like I'll be checking them out really soon. the demographics there would seem to welcome this place (especially the Filipinos). good location too since it's next to a high school and the community college.

hope they last too because L&L really went downhill and that's what a lot of people associate with Hawaiian food.

Food detective

Can't wait to try it! I love plate lunch!


Nice update Kirk. I had katsu for an early dinner and your pics are still making me hungry, haha.


Hi CC - I think they have the potential to do quite well.....

Hi TFD - You haven't been to the original location yet?

LOL Dennis!

Rick Freitas

Demographic of this restaurant is Filipino?




Hi Rick - I'd describe it as Asian Pacific Islander.

LOL Kat!


If this shop existed in Sa.


LOL Billy - You'd gain a lot of weight!!!


Wow, your plate lunch week is so inspiring, both main components of your combo plate look delicious!


Hi FH - This is one of those places where you'll never leave hungry.

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