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Thursday, 11 April 2013



This is our local "local" spot (I refuse to go to L&L) and have been reasonably happy here. We typically go here on a Friday night where someone is playing the uke and singing. Very nice touch. But even a nicer touch is being able to have a beer, a Hawaiian beer if you like, while enjoying the music and eating dinner!


OMG save the eggs! If I wanted and over done egg I would have swung by McD


Hey Jack - The folks seem really nice.....I have to try more stuff on the menu though. It does seem bit mainland in some ways for me.

LOL Billy......though you're right!


It's more mainland-like for me too but nice people, decent beer selection and just down the hill from the house make it easy for me!


glad the mac salad was good :)


What is guava BBQ chicken? Can you do a post on that?


Me too Kat!

Hey TFD - I need to hcange the ingredients around and experiment a bit because I can't get the stuff I used back in Hawaii. I'll probably play around when I start grilling again.

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