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Tuesday, 30 April 2013



Now I really want some bun mam. Who do you think does the best around here? Preferably not too sweet and low on catfish, I can't stand the stuff.




So do you look Korean enough?
The bun cha Hanoi presentation was all wrong.
Strike 1, 2, and 3!!! ;-)
Banned for life.
By the way ever try bun mam chay?
You will be surprised.


Hi SK - It would probably be one of the two Nhu Y locations. ECB is lighter, sweeter, and a bit more spicy. This lcoation is/was much more pungent. You may have to fight through resistance to be able to order that here. ECB laways has it on the menu. Here you need to check out the grease board in the back of the place.

At least I got my Bun Mam Kat!


Hi Billy - I'm going to have to get me some!

Ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the shout out. I do like it, and it's nice to know that it is available elsewhere (after 3pm).


That's pretty funny about serving bun mam after 3pm to not offend lunch customers! Does that mean durian is only served after 3pm, too?

I don't think I've ever had bun mam. I will have to try it soon (after 3pm in KM, of course!)

Food detective

Wow! What an accomplished mission even after three strikes. I'm going to
try that bun mam soon. My mom says they used some kind of dried fish and soaked it before cooking with bun man. Maybe they use catfish here because they can't get dried fish.


Hi Ed - Yes, you can get your Bun Mam from a couple of places in SD now! Hope all is well!

Hi Sandy - I don't think the durian shake smells bad at all....but of course that's me, right?

Hi TFD - I think you might have to wait on the Bun Mam! ;o)

I agree, the pho in Kearny Mesa/Clairemont is pretty bad. Friends ask for recommendations around here for pho and I can't recommend any in this neighborhood.

I'll give the bun mam here a shot sometime.



Hi Kha - Totally agree....

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