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Wednesday, 24 April 2013



Ahh frogie legs, a must visit.

Also, looks like Kazumi-san might be back in Hillcrest or doing a pop-up at The Snooty Asian, formely Kips & Noodle etc. Saw him last night as I parked mny car.


Haha, we missed each other by a few hours. TC had a dance performance upstairs for an art exhibit opening. The interior of the Jacob Center is also very nice.

I like the look of those frog legs! We were thinking of eating there that afteroon but it was already closed. A few friends of ours ended up going to Felix's BBQ (across the bridge).

Did they have catfish?


Hi PedMa - Yes, that's the word, he's back in HC. Moby Dick has become a Korean Restaurant.

Hi CC - Yes, they had catfish. Those frog legs were really good.


Haha, I love how you propped up the frog legs.


LOL Kirbie! I wish I had little pants that I could have put on that would have been a hoot!


OMG - the first thing I thought was "The frog looks like it has some REALLY strong body building thighs" :(


Hi Faye - Yes, those are some quads, huh?


nice shot of the legs :)


Seems like everybody likes that "leg shot" Kat! ;o)

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