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Monday, 29 April 2013



Nice find Kirk. My friend keeps telling me about one often parked by the skate park at the end of Washington (under the i5 freeway) but I can never seem to catch them.


This is my local truck and you pretty much hit it right on the head. I'd say 4/5 times I've had the fish tacos they were as you described but then I've had a nicely crisp taco also. I usually stick with the marlyn, picking out most of the celery.


looks like a nice find.


Can't stand heavy duty batter myself I end up peeling it off. Should be lite and fluffy crisp.


Hi Dennis - I've been told of them as well, but they never seem to be there. Then there's Kiko's truck on Texas street that I always pass.

LOL Jack - I thoguht about picking out the undercooked vegetables too....but that would have been a waste.

Hi Kat - It was kind of a surprise for me since I pass there all the time but had never seen it.

I agree Billy!


Man, I HATE green tomato syndrome. It's such an obvious food "ick", and yet they pass it off anyway.

She probably remembered you as one of those blogger wierdos who takes pictures of tacos and used you to subsidize her charity. ;)


I tried that Kiko's truck on Texas a while back. It's just passable and not that great. I found most Kiko's are.


LOL Jan.......I hope not.

I still need to check them out Dennis. I'm not very hopeful now though.

Food detective

Just down the street from where I work. I'm too afraid to eat there fearing I might see "people I know." Kind of expensive for tacos in ECB.


Not that much more expensive for mariscos TFD....this ain't carne asada street tacos.


There's a Marisco's German truck at the AmVet's near the skate park and it's there everyday! I've never seen one at the skate park itself.


This is the same Mariscos German truck that was originally located on University and 35th. When Mariscos German sold the truck, the new owners renamed it. The prices have were not listed on the truck when it was owned by Mariscos German either.


Hi Hulacook - Thanks for the info.
Hi Julia - The main reason I mentioned the price not being listed was because of the weird situation on my second visit.

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