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Sunday, 28 April 2013



I hope you guys get to go back soon :)


I do too Kat!


Doesn't look like Mehana Brewery will be around. They filed for bankruptcy protection. Are you guys fired up in SD to have local boy Manti?


That's too bad. We really liked their beer. I think SD is a great place for Manti.....


Just got back from the Big Island and had just gone to Teshima's. I was there with Mom and ordered the Shrimp Tempura on a recommendation. Although crispy, we were a bit disappointed at the "one-sided" tempura. Is that "local" style? The tsuyu was also a bit too sweet for our taste and no suri-daikon.

Dean Masutomi

Interesting note on Teshimas's I got from my Kona ohana when I visited this past Thanksgiving, My aunt was telling me that after Mrs. Teshima passed away this pass fall, their longtime Mexican cook(a 30 year employee)quit and opened up his own restaurant in Kailua on Palani rd. near Starbucks(in the same shopping center as KTA). He took another cook from Teshima's with him and they are serving the EXACT same food. The reports are it's really good.

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