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Monday, 18 March 2013



Blech. Thanks for taking one for the team at this place. Plenty of other places in town with great beer and great food (e.g., Alpine Beer).


Hi Ken - Yes, this was kind of a strange one.


Too bad about the food. :(


Gotta love them free chips! The guac looked substantial thou on the mini tacos. I laughed when i saw the hot dog - you can barely see the dog - that's an insane amount of ketchup and mustard

Beer Dude

With that aggressive tap list, I am wondering if this place is run by the guys that run the liquor store next door (Jimbo's Liquor). They've recently stepped up their selection of craft beer, though they also crank the price a little beyond where even some of the better bottle shops will go.


I was wondering about Don Diego when I've gone shopping at this Sprouts. Guess I will wonder no more, plus I'm not a beer drinker.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Meh :( Just because you cover up crappy meat with some guacamole and shove it in a taco does not elevate it to good food status. The gyros taco sounds awkward. Better luck with Dan Diego!


Kirk, the same Middle Eastern family that owns Jimbos (the liquor store in the same strip mall) is running this place, that's why the killer selection of beers. Unfortunately with other options so close (Cotixan, El Portal and Vallarta's) not a smart choice of cuisine to offer considering this particular part of Clairemont could use more variety and quality....


Hi CC - Yeah.....kind of weird overall.

Hi Faye - Personally, they can keep the chips and just up the quality and prep of the food.

Hi Beer Dude - Check out Alan's comment below for the answer. I've never been in Jimbo's so I didn't put it together.

Hi Sandy - You can still try the place! ;o)

Hi JS - I agree, just like you can't stuff whatever the heck in a baguette and call it a banh mi.

Thanks so much for the clarification Alan. That answers Beer Dude's query above.


Thanks for the info about the tacos! My taste buds thank you too! I was thinking of trying this place but you saved me. Guess I'll stick with Rudy's taco shop.


You might still want to try them Soo......


I always eat my tacos either with just meat or with just lettuce and tomato so bland meat is doubly bad when lettuce and tomato are added.


You tried.


Hi Billy - I really did.


I actually really like this place. I would suggest trying the pastrami burrito (I think it was called a pastrami cali burrito). It seems like an odd combo but it was very tasty.


Hi Trevor - Thanks for the rec....if I ever revisit I'll give it a try.

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