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Friday, 29 March 2013



I've got a couple of utility lunch places like that in my rotation. At least the lunch menu is cheap.


too bad about that place.


Hi CP - I'm thinknig the cheap lunches will keep the place going.

Hi Kat - I think they are getting better.....

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Not exactly in the neighborhood but Michoz in Hillcrest has great middle eastern food and its cheap too! If you're craving kofta, hummus, tabouleh, etc. head there :)


Hi JS - Actually, if I'm really craving Middle Eastern food, I'll usually just head out to El should try some of the places out there.


$5 bucks makes you hollar!


LOL Billy.....I guess it does!

Little Miss Contrary

So random--that place is nearby my office! I take my dry-cleaning to a shop in the same shopping complex and never thought twice about ever trying that place. I may have to check out their $5 lunch menu!


Check them out LMCC, it's nothing amazing, but the price is nice!

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