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Saturday, 23 March 2013



i still remember the taste of that pork chop. even though i was more than happy with it, i regret not getting the gravy!


never been but those food memories look delicious!


Love the pork chop there. Curious to see what that cast iron skillet looks like after all this time. Since I don't go to the Big Island much I have to settle for the expensive chops at Side Street.


Hi Santos - That just means you'll have to go back!

Hi Kat - I hope you get to check them out one of these days.

Hi Kobi - Man, I haven't been to side street in years.....


Your recent trip "home" and your Manago Hotel and Teshima postings made me jealous. I too returned home to Honolulu for 4 days two weeks ago. My sons and I spent all three meals eating all the stuff we were craving -- portuguese sausage and fried rice for breakfast, poke, sashimi, misoyaki gindai, harm har ong choi (cannot get the prohibited veggie here), kalbi, gau gee, roast pork, opihi, Liliha #1 L&L plate lunches, cake noodles, Peking duck, kau yuk, etc. etc. -- you get the picture. But we never got to eat the old style foods like you had at Teshima's and Manago Hotel. In fact, I searched and called around for fried akule, but could never find anyplace that had it -- in fact, in all the seafood places I went to at the supermarkets, Chinatown, Tamashiro's, etc. etc. I only found one stall with akule, but that was on the last day and I did not have time to ask a friend or relative to fry it for me.


I wish they had awesome pork chops like that in San Diego!


Man Alan......I can't remember the last time I had fried akule! You sure did hit a lot of places in four days.

I do too Soo!


Yup; had to take care of family business. Pay our respects to the departed relatives, especially our parents and in-laws, and I hosted a 7 course meal for the family in Honolulu at Royal Garden. Spent the rest of the time thinking of where we were going to eat next. Also went to a couple family and friends homes for the typical Hawaiian-style gotso dinners on the patio. Yup; loved it and gained 8 pounds.


Sheesh 8 pounds Alan! That's like 2 pounds a day!

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