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Monday, 04 March 2013



Do re mi? Have not been there in while but Ms. PedMa seems to enjoy.

Been working like a dog, how are things with you?


Ah, I too have heard of their katsu curry and tried with much disappointment. Never posted on it.


Too funny b/c when I saw your post I literally was scratching my head thinking "where in the WORLD is this place?" I have been here only once and never knew the name of the restaurant until now! The curry color is a bit sad and I also like my katsu on the crisp/lighter side. Do you think they make their curry sauce from scratch? I always feel bad when I see this place b/c it seems mostly empty most of the times :(


aw too bad about that katsu & curry


Oddly, I crave the Hiyashi/cold noodles here; it's different than other places. No matter which side of the menu we order from, we always get panchan. The weather lately has been more amenable to curry though...


i remember eating there before i started blogging and not liking the service. it was super slow from what i remember. i truly hate that parking lot!


Hi PedMa - I hope things calm down for you! Haven't been to Do Re Mi in a while....I should go check them out.

Hi Dennis - Yeah, kind of super hard.....

I doubt it Faye.

Hi Kat - Some folks really hyped it up....I didn't quite enjoy it as much.

Hi Cathy - Yeah, I saw that in your post.

Hi CC - It is indeed the parking lot from hell.


Seen this place for YEARS. Never ate there. If you're looking for a fulling lunch that's good, go to BABS. They do some awesome burgers and sandwiches. ;D


Hi Jayson - Thanks for the rec, though I've got to say that I'm not a big fan of Babs

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