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Thursday, 14 February 2013



I am a total fan of Ota and Kaito and Takodoro is equal to them.
Takodoro is still relatively unknown so I can get reservations there at the sushi bar on a weekend night fairly far but thanks to you that may end soon.
The fish is perfectly fresh and artfully prepared with a wonderful edamae at the helm. This is truly a top notch sashimi restaurant. And to top it off, there's a warm ambience with jazz softly playing. Hands down my sushi favorite.
Keep it quiet!! I love being able to get a last minute reservation here!


nice that the Missus' tastebuds are changing :) that place looks great!


Hi Keena - LOL! Ok, I'll keep it really quiet ssshh.... For now this place is by far the Missus' favorite.

Hi Kat - The Missus really enjoys this place.


There must be something wrong with this place if he didn't serve you California rolls. What's up with that?


Your sushi posts always make me so hungry. I need to come back here. Haven't had a chance since my first visit where I ran into Dennis.

Ed (from Yuma)

OK, OK, that looks so dang good. But like Keena said, maybe you shouldn't tell everybody.

Hangzhou Hero

Ugh, Shirako. You and the missus are awesome for being able to deal with it-- like you mentioned, my first experience was terrible and I don't think I'd ever be able to try again. Mental block and such.

Amazing omakase otherwise.


Aww now I'm hungry. Reading food blogs before lunch is not a good idea. It looks delicious though - I'll have to try it out soon :)

Virginia Lawrence

Wow, that all looks amazing! I wonder if I could find a restaurant in Ottawa like this, because this looks fantastic. :)


LOL Jan!

Hi Kirbie - I hope you have a chance to check them out soon.

Hi Ed - But then I wouldn't have told you????!!! ;o)

Hi HH - Ha....I was pleasantly surprised by the Shirako.

Hi Jinxi - You should go and check them out.

Hi Virgina - Welcome and thanks for commenting.


Hi Kirk, I love the texture of engawa. I remember Sam prepped me up some good stuff way back when he was still at Walmido. My Tadokoro post is still buried in my long queue for some reason, but you're right in that you should come as early as possible. Not good for large groups either.


We just went there last night for a belated V-day dinner. Had a fabulous time and had many of the same things in this post. But yeah, even getting there at 5:30pm we were glad we made a reservation. It filled up really quickly and there were a ton of folks showing up without a reservation and leaving sad. Like Kirk mentioned, I think i'll try to show up even earlier and maybe try a slower night next time, Take-san was pretty swamped.


Dang, the word is out now. ;-) Boy, all those dishes look so good!


Hi Dennis - Yep, that's the ticket, make early reservations.

Hi Jason - I'm glad you had a great dinner at Tadokoro.

Hi Carol - I think I'll just "lay low" from now on!


Looking forward to visiting this place when I'm in SD in the fall. What did you mean when Take said that you understood omakase?


Hey Sawyer - It's because a vast majority of folks use the word, but then go about ordering what they want. It's kind of funny.....I've actually seen it happen there. They'll order "omakase" then start saying "I want toro....ummm, you have uni tonight?" What's the point, really??


When Take-san served us the Shirako, I kinda figured what it was and had difficulties enjoying it. =) But my husband kept saying, "What is this? This is really tasty!" Never tried it before elsewhere but I could guess it's as good as it gets...


LOL Jess......ignorance is bliss, huh?


Thank you Kirk for posting about Tadokoro. Took wife there for her birthday and enjoyed it immensely. Take-san remembered us from PB. Dunno how, but he remembered!


Hey Liver - It's nice to hear from you, I hope things are going well. A hearty Happy Birthday to the Missus as well! i'm glad you enjoyed your meal! Funny thing, Take actually remembered me from my visits to Surfside, even though it was Aki who served me both times.

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