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Sunday, 24 February 2013



I had a good one from Cochon Butcher (in New Orleans) recently. It was more along the lines of Ariccia's, with thinly slice porchetta, although the sauce was tangy and a bit spicy, so it was more aioli-esque rather than balsamic.


Man Cochon.....that place has been on my list for a while. Now I need to talk the Missus into a visit to NOLA.


I actually ended up at Herbsaint rather than Cochon for the full-blown meal, but stopped by Cochon Butcher a few times for sandwiches.


no porchetta around these parts at least that I know about, so I am drooling over these :)


Last year, I had a porchetta sandwich at the home of an Italian friend; the Easter leftover served on fresh made sesame topped bread was wonderful, but I didn't take photos. I was told that a comment I made about a certain San Diego restaurant was 'the most blasphemous thing ever written on Chowhound'. It made me not want to participate as much, since some don't seem to want opinions that aren't echoed.


Hi Kat - I'm sure there must be a little wrapped piggy somewhere..... I hope you find it!

Hi Cathy - Yeah, don't know what's up with those folks. They seem to have gone off the deep end at times.


With blogs like yours no need go to CH.


LOL "kobi".......

Two Foodies One Journey

Try the porchetta di testa when Bobby has it on the menu. It has any even more distinct "porky" flavor


I saw that on the menu TFOJ....I'll check it out next time, thanks!


FWIW - Bobby recently (well maybe not recently but as of around Dec 2012) changed the pork he was using for the porchetta to a local acorn-fed pig. I felt that this really enhanced the "porky" flavors of the porchetta to the level you enjoyed.


I won't pretend that Bobby isn't a friend, but even if I hated the guy I would have to recommend the porchetta.

It really is too bad about the moderation on CH, Ariccia is definitely a spot worth mentioning on a food focused forum


Hi James - That's good to know....

Hi Roddy - Yeah, well, what can I say about CH?


Butcher is around the corner from Cochon. Same owner. Imh - better & cheaper. It's a deli (not your average) with table service at night. Don't miss the pops for desert. Definitely go. Jazzfest lineup is great this year. Excited to try both these sandwiches!


Is it wrong that the phrase 'acorn fed pig' makes me want to eat it this minute? Which place is Bobby's?


It sounds perfectly normal to me Laura! Bobby's is Ariccia Market.

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