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Tuesday, 19 February 2013



It's only fitting that you group the 3 ramen heavyweights of san diego together. Although Yakyudori has yet to make an appearance so I guess i should wait for that. I did notice that Yamadaya changed their combo meals slightly. Instead of an appetizer and a rice bowl, it's an appetizer and a plain rice.


it is good that you have choices :)


Hi Kirk, the first of the XO chashu at RakiRaki was excellent and it went downhill super fast - now tends to be dry, tough and without a lot of flavor. I usually stick to the tsukemen there. Funny I was at Yamadaya just today after a long break because of the weather. The noodles are less starchy now and overall thought they were improving. I think our SD Santouka tends to be a little thinner than other branches. I always have to ask for extra oil. It's still the overall dependable of the bunch.

Adam C

I've been depressed about the XO chashu at RakiRaki, too. By chance, I went there right after they started selling it and it was pretty amazing; so tender and flavorful and delicious. Now it's bleh. I still like the tsukemen no matter how salty it gets ;)

And, strangely, I had the same problem at Santouka recently: the pork was tougher than normal and had more of that overcooked-pork flavor. I wonder if we happened to go on the same day or if there's someone new in the back?


Hi Jason - I've been less than pleased with Yakyudori lately....though I might include it in a future post.

I am too Kat!

Hi Dennis - The Missus just isn't a big fan of Hakata style noodles. Funny, I thoguht the broth at Santouka was a bit richer before.....but it had been a while.

Hi AdamC - Maybe it's a tough batch of pork....or perhaps you're right. I'm hoping for something better next time.


Hi Kirk,
I found out at Yamadaya the other day that you can actually ask for "less salt" in the broth. Not sure if you can do this at every ramen place, but if the Missus felt that Santouka was too salty, might be worth seeing if there's a "less salt" option.

I love reading these ramen round-ups, btw! :)


Hi Jinxi - Actually, the Missus enjoys how salty the broth is at RakiRaki that's a problem. Yamadaya is already pretty mild..... Having never seen them actually add anything resembling salt to the broth, I'm wondering if they'd just be watering it down....which would then affect everything.


How do you get the broth hot at Santouka :( Sis and I always complain their broth comes out lukewarm. I always order their broth with 'less salt' and enjoy it. But I think it's time for a revisit to Yamadaya - your pics were great!


Hi Faye - As I mentioned above; I think when you order something less salt they'll water it down....and if the water is not boiling hot it will cool down your broth. It does damage to the broth in a number of ways....better to just find something you like.


Hey Kirk. Since we're on the topic, what's you're favorite ramen shop on Oahu?


Hi SH - To tell you the truth, it's been so long since I've had ramen back home.....I don't think I could give you a good recommendation. There used to be a Hakata Ramen Shop I enjoyed but they closed down many, many years ago. I haven't had ramen on Oahu in maybe 12-13 years! Believe that?


Holy cow!!! 12-13 years. Goma-tei seems to be the most recommended here from people that I talked to because of their incredible generosity with the charsui. Three of the thickest slices of meat i've ever seen...


I've had the place on my now I'll have to make sure to check them out next time I'm home SH!


I've like Yotteko-Ya in McCully center a lot. They have kakuni =D


Thanks SH, another one for my list!

Little Miss Contrary

Santouka is probably my favorite ramen place in SD--I always get the miso ramen (with a side of that addictive chasiu pork & rice)! I have been meaning to try Raki Raki, so will have to check it out per your review :)


Hi LMCC - I thought the tsukemen was the best item at RakiRaki.

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