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Wednesday, 13 February 2013



Hi Kirk, if I remember right Tecchan was listed on SD Lighthouse magazine's '18 ramen to try in SD' article back in September last year. Didn't bother to try since I assumed it was Sandra Lee-fied with some prepackaged stuff as a base (like how most probably Masa's is). Kudos for them offering some original condiments though.



Adam C

well that's sad. I tried Raku once but was so disappointed. Did you try anything else on the menu? Do they at least have Chicken Heart Yakitori or anything else delicious?


Hi Dennis - Yeah, that's about it. The noodles are prepped better than Masa, though I think Masa has an edge. How in the world do they determine tghere are 18 ramen to try in San Diego? Sounds like an advertising kind of thing.

Hi Kat - I wish it were better.....

Hi AdamC - Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment! They have a nice variety of robata items, I did try a few....that's a later post, and it wasn't bad.


Hi Kirk, the article as you say pretty much was an ad. Most weren't even worth the trouble but it was interesting to browse through. I heard good things of the chanpon at Mandarin Wok (believe it or not), I'm not a big fan of chanpon though so haven't tried yet, but supposedly the chef who is Chinese worked in Japan for a while.


Hi Dennis - I'm not a big fan of Champon either.

Richard Wright

This reminds of one of my favorite restaurants in Ottawa, although this one looks pricier ha.


That's very nice Richard. Enjoy!

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