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Tuesday, 12 February 2013



Hi Kirk, I tried to like the ramen at Underbelly but I just never had one that was very well executed. Not providing spoons also means they can't serve it at proper temperature. I have a feeling I'll like some dishes at Gaijin Noodle House, just haven't got around getting to them since I hardly drive to downtown/gaslamp these days.




Hi Dennis - I'm not even trying...... Gaijin does some things well, stay away from the noodles though.

Double bummer Kat!


i like the photo of your noodles with the truck in the background!

no spoons with ramen = lame.


$15 for soup?!


My son and I had the exact experience you did Kirk. He's a protein eater so he was somewhat satisfied but I have been underwhelmed the times I've been there. Seems to be doing a good business though so good for them.


I dunno, hipster-ized ramen just seems plain wrong, it's a comfort food! Speaking of hip-sterized foods and burger-saturation, there's a new gourmet burger place at UTC mall...

Christina C

I agree. I'll eat anywhere if the food is good and they at least try with service. Unfortunately, I can do w/out over priced ramen that is merely average. To many other great places where I don't have to pay for the real estate or the coolness.

Good that you gave them a try again.


Hi CC - I just noticed really can't plan those things. As for the minus-one schtick, well, it gets old.

Yes Jan, though you can get the base version for $8.

Hey Jack - I'm guessing it's the hipness and the availability of craft beers.

Hi Jason - Yeah, I heard about the burger place....but I'm kinda burnt out on burgers. I'm thinknig I need a "hip-replacement" too! ;o)

Hi Christina - It's nice to hear from you! I totally agree with you.

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