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Monday, 18 February 2013



I've been revisiting some places too, too bad about those 2 places...


Viet Cali's horrendous. The bun's (vermicelli with pork) just as bad. 95% carbs, 4.5% veggies, 0.5% meat. What a rip off. Probably the worst Vietnamese restaurant ever.


Hi Kat - Yeah, I noticed that....guess we've been doing this for a while now...

Hi Rucj - Wow, that's kind of sad really.


I used to go to Viet Cali for work convenience. Now I just take the mileage/time hit and travel further. I don't think the place was too bad when it first opened. I guess they don't need to strive for quality when they have masses of people from Sorrento Mesa swarming the place for lunch.


Hi Jan - That's too bad. It's high traffic location and all. I guess if folks really don't care about having a good product.....


The last time I ate at Da Nang was in college! I remember the soup was too sweet as well. The banh bot loc does look gummy. It should look smaller and clearer.

Too bad for Pho Viet. $7 for a bowl of pho is too much. Go to Pho Cow.


Hi TFD - Well, you know, you just have to keep trying every so often, just to see how things are.

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