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Sunday, 03 February 2013



What a diverse round up Cathy!

I didn't know you could get fresh longaniza there. As for Chow King, I'm wondering if the company decided to merge two words for the 'chicharap' snack. Chicharon + Masarap ('delicious' or 'good tasting' in Tagalog) = Chicharap!? :) The chicharap looks like 'kropek' - fried shrimp chips. When in unfried form, they look like plastic discs (reminds me of shrinky dinks), then they puff up when fried.

Did they spell that drink with an 'e' at the end (taho)? That is a popular street food/drink.

I'd like to try that basturma one of these days.

Soo Hom

I love chinese sausage! Where do you buy your fav brand? How does it taste compared to Kam Yen Jan brand?


Cathy & Soo,
I use the Kam Yen Jan brand and really like it a lot. Fried rice seems better when I put Chinese sausage!


Thanks, cc-kind of cleaning out the memory card and finding a common denominator. I've seen the discs of shrimp chips but never bought and made at home, these are probably the same thing. Ooops! Guess it is spelled 'taho'- that's how I spelled it in my other Chow King post ( ) must correct that. It is tasty and protein filled. Valley Foods; just a block East from Nahrain...
Hi Soo! We just had the Kam Yen Jan brand sausage for breakfast on Saturday. It was good, not at all weird sweet and it plumped up nicely; it will be purchased again. I do really like the Champ brand that is sold at K Sandwiches.
Right now, it's a side to eggs for breakfast, cc. I've never considered using chinese sausage other ways.


I also put Chinese sausage in my pancit bihon.


I've never thought about using Chinese sausage as a sort of condiment, like I'd use chopped bacon pieces or leftover dinner meat, cc. Your ways make perfect sense to me. There is certainly enough in a package that I don't have to just have it only for a breakfast plate. Thanks!


My morning oatmeal pales in comparison to these breakfast plates! I buy the Kam Jen Yan brand because my mom does; she says theirs is more meatier and less fatty than other brands. I also use it in fried rice. I have seen the fresh longanisa at Lucky Seafood, but haven't bought it yet.


Thanks, Sandy; now I know the Kam Jen Yan is the brand to buy. I was buying the others when I saw them on sale-my only criterion. Since you pick the sausage up yourself, just get one or two of the longanisa to try. It really plumps up when cooking and will burst; I cut it lengthwise and then cook-the insides get a nice sticky char.

van pham

I agree with the other posters. My family loves the Kam Jen Yan brand also. But I do love it fried with scrambled eggs on the side. Also great in fried rice as previously mentioned.


The sandwich at K (more than half a year ago) was the first way I tried Chinese sausage, Van. I have since only used the sausages as sides to eggs at home and learn more from all my friends here, but have found it interesting to experiment with all the brands sold; KJY will be more of a regular purchase. Welcome to the comment side of our blog!

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