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Friday, 01 February 2013



Hmm, do you think they'd let me in with my rusty Japanese and a pocket dictionary? ;)


looks great! too bad about their english though.

Rick Freitas

Can you give us an idea about the price?


You can try Hao! Let me know how it goes, ok?

Yeah, well, that's the way it goes Kat.

Hi Rick - It was about $75/pp without booze.

Ed (from Yuma)

I've been loving the sushi posts. Almost too much. The pictures of the ebi in this post looked way better than any ebi I've ever seen.

I'm glad you finally got in. Congrats.


So that's what it looks like inside! Great post and write up. How sad, if the building is going to be torn down.

Jim Gottlieb

Speaking of English problems...

"I first of Kaga Sushi..."

First heard of? First read of?

"Folks I knew who were Nihon didn't"

Did you mean Nihonjin (日本人)? The above makes no sense.

"After our meal, the Itamae came"

I think you should refer to him as the "itamaesan".

I rarely get to Chula Vista, but this post surely makes me want to head south for the winter. Thanks!


Hi Ed - They were very good.

Hi CC - Yes, it was quite good.

Well Tokyo Jim, you win the award for most pedantic comment of the should feel mighty proud! I simply sit down and start typing and do everything in one pass. It is done in an almost conversational manner......informal. So if you find my post painful, perhaps you should go elsewhere. This is sort of my food diary, not a professional piece. Oh, I haven't heard the term Itamae-san in ages, maybe your overly formal Japanese dictionary needs an update.


I'd really love to try this place, but doubt I could get in as young white guy.


Hey Roddy - I think you can get in if there's someone who would go with you fluent in Japanese. The person would also have to make the reservations.


It all looks lovely (and delicious) but I find it difficult to motivate myself to go to a place that actively does not want my (Caucasian, minimal-Japanese-language-skills) business.


I know what you mean SK. I had basically given up on eating here.


Re: reservations
Do they not take walk-ins, Kirk?


Hi Hao - If your Japanese is good, or they know you, or feel comfortable with you, you can walk in. What I saw on my two failed attempts is that every seat is "reserved". Good luck!


Dang that looks good, you've got me craving nigiri now, although we've got plans for boring pasta pomodoro with the visiting in laws tonight...

miki chilcutt

Hi I love your blog, and I am amazed you tried Kaga sushi for i hear they are exclusive.

one thing. it's Miso "shiru" Shiru means soup. haha i had to correct it because i am Japanese :P


Hi FH - It's nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.

Thanks Miki. Funny thing, I notice that I'm starting to make the same romanization errors my mom made.....that's how it goes for a Sansei I guess!


Kaga Sushi us unfortunately closing at the end of the month. I'll be making reservations soon to say farewell.


Hey Junichi - I hope you enjoyed yourself. On our last visit here, it seemed that they were pretty much ready to retire as I think there was going to be some construction on the strip mall as well.

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