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Tuesday, 22 January 2013



Oh my gosh that foie gras looks delicious! Peter and I need to visit Las Vegas.


Onigiri with salmon skin, ikura, and foie fat? It's hard to imagine that could get any better.

Thanks for sharing!

Ed (from Yuma)

Great posts. Glad you and the missus had a good time!


Hi Ange - Yeah, you need to get over there and not only eat on the strip.

Hey Roddy - This is probably our favorite place in Vegas.

Hi Ed - We sure had a nice meal here!


Oh that foie gras looks amazing. One of the reasons I've been giving DH for why we need a trip to Vegas is so we can eat foie gras. haha.


wow foie gras is something you don't see on skewers here, that looks good!


Hi Kirbie - I know.......there are palces with multiple foie gras dishes on the menu which is reallt tempting.

Hi Kat - It really was great.

catty critic

I'm going to have to try this sake kamameshi now that it's available in cups. Husband wouldn't touch it I don't think but I think Kidlet and I would love it. And onigiri!!!

catty critic

Also, foie gras. CANNOT WAIT to eat foie gras again.


Hi Rosa - I know we were excited to get in our Foie Gras fix.


Finally stopped by Raku after planning to there for 3 years & was totally blown away. It is now my favorite restaurant in Vegas. Foie gras was silky, some of the best around. Thanks for great posts.


Hi Sharol - I'm glad you enjoyed Raku, it really is one of our favorite restaurants in Vegas. Thanks for taking the time to comment and the kind words!


To echo Sharol: finally made it to Raku (and LoS) after 4 years. I really enjoyed it, although I had the same issue with the duck being tough, and they were out of the foie gras skewer!

I also stopped by Monta ramen in the same strip mall for lunch another time and enjoyed the broth, although I thought the chashu was a bit tough and had a strange sour note (too much mirin/sake?).


Glad you enjoyed Raku Hao! Too bad they didn't have foie was really great. Saw Monta on our last visit, they were packed. Will check them out next time! Thanks for letting me know how you enjoyed Raku.

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