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Tuesday, 29 January 2013



wow! you would think that because we are surrounded by water and a lot of Big Fishing here we'd have great sushi places but no :( the fish is almost always good (and sometimes great) but for some reason, no one can get it together for good sushi. i love my neighbourhood sushi bar in LA (which fortunately happens to be kiyokawa on robertson), but i'm almost tempted to drive down to SD for all that uni. nomnomnom.


Hey Santos - If you ever give in to temptation, let me know!


Oh wow. I kept hearing about this place but was hesitant to try. But now after your post I definitely want to take DH here. I was just telling him last night about your experience at Kazumi. And that uni tofu...


Hi Kirbie - Check it out, I really enjoyed my dinner.


mmm that looked wonderful!


Oh I know that guy! Both Aki and the other one ;)

Really enjoyed reading about this one, and it reminds me that I still need to do the Omakase. I really like Aki's style - he has the quality of the best traditional spot, but crafts some pretty unique dishes.


Hi Kat - We had a great time.

Hi Roddy - Aki is a nice guy and the food as a whole was good.


This was so much fun! We need to make that uni cake.


Hi Candice - That's scarey....the entire pan would be toast in minutes!


Great review! I have been driving to PB for about a decade now to enjoy Aki-san's talents and you can imagine my joy when I found out he opened his own place walking distance from my home! Just like when I used to live walking distance from him in PB, looks like I'm going to need to put sushi in the budget since I'll be going to Akinori so often ;)


Also - I'm slobbering like nobody's business right now. Your foodie pics are a really nice quality and I'm an uni fanatic, you introduced me to more options to try. I love the uni paste and scallop. Also had the kumamotos, my favorite. Damn. Don't be surprised if I end up at Akinori tomorrow...


Hi Margot - I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I'm sure you'll have a great time at Akinori......though living in walking distance, that can be dangerous! ;o) Thanks for taking the time out to coment!

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