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Monday, 10 December 2012



Now that's a party!


wow!! now this is an amazing story! =D it all sounds like a pretty wild time!


You deserve a good bit of praise for how awesome of a party that is, and the amount of work.

Hawaiian style next time?




LOL Jack.......

Hi Lynnea - It was quite a time, I'll say that much.

Hi Rodzilla - Actually, it's the folks I named at the end who really came through.

Hi Kat - We need to get this fine tuned.


Thanks again for including us! We had so much fun. It was great to put faces to all these wonderful friends you've mentioned on your blog and the food was ridiculously good. I think you've ruined me for all other potlucks. Some of the stuff the twins' mom made are things I rarely eat, but I tried everything and enjoyed it.


Awesome party! How was the pig? It finished cooking eventually and you ate it right?


Hi Kirbie - Thanks for coming! I'm glad you enjoyed about those silkworms??? ;o)

Hi Soo - They brought me some skin and meat while I was deep was moist and had lots of flavor.


I didn't get the whole story about the pig and your third degree burn leg when I was there. Didn't know you had to deadlift that pig. Sheesh. I can deadlift 165lb but that's after I'm warmed up. I'm pretty sure you were well "warmed up" since 5AM. There's always a funny story to tell at the end. I'm glad it was fun plus I got to meet your friends.


Hi TFD - Luckily, Candice and John got everything done before my leg caught on fire....that would have been....well, a bummer!


Beautiful! I used to work for a company that had a roasted whole pig party each year. It was awesome. Basically the same set up. Ah, good times.


Hi Carol - That must have been fun!


When I got to "Candice gave the hog a rubdown" I just couldn't stop laughing AND drooling. What a great feast and a hilarious story!


Hi Sandy - We did have a great time......thanks so much for reading. I guess it is about the journey and not the destination!


What an epic meal! John told me about how he was planning to do a roast pig, looks like it all turned out to be a good meal as well as a great time!


Hi Anthony - It was a great time indeed!

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