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Thursday, 06 December 2012



welcome back, looking forward to your posts!


It's good to be home Kat!


Sigh. We don't travel much. Our last big vacation was the Big Island. Akaka falls was one of the highlights, funny name and all. We even got a loco moco at a joint that resided in an old movie theater in Honomu.

We saw a Pho place in the Walmart Mall too, but looking at Google Maps, it looks like it may have been replaced with an L&L. Too bad. Then again, maybe they were too bad.


Looks like a great trip, welcome back!


That pork chop looked awesome! Any good places around here to get a pork chop like that?


have been enjoying your twitter posts! now looking forward to your blog posts about your trip =)


Yay, love your Hawaii posts Kirk, can't wait!


At Nijiya, my husband nearly had a heart attack while looking at the poke prices. Must get back to Hawaii!


Wow 600 hundred miles thats a lot of driving. Love the pork chops at Manago hotel. So simple but so hard to duplicate. Is that last pic fried Ahi belly? It was weird watching the local news and hearing the Big Island referred to as Hawaii island. Good to see you guys made it back safely. Look forward to the up coming posts.


So where are all these restaurants in Hilo? Especially that pork chop? Heading to Hilo in a couple of weeks so I wanna check these places out!!!


Hi Jan - You'll have to get back there soon!

Thanks Jason, we had a great time, but it's good to be home.

Hi Soo - None that I know of....though I'm sure there must be a nice "old school" place that makes a good pork chop.

Thanks Lynnea!

Hi Dennis - The time really went by so quickly.

Hi Sandy - I can understand your husband's pain. I usually just buy fish and make my own.

Hi Kyle - I'm really not sure how we put that much mileage in. Yes, that's fried ahi it was good!

Hi Hulacook - Most of these were not from Hilo side except the loco moco from Kuhio Grill. That pork chop is from Manago Hotel in Captain Cook. The Japanese is from Teshima's in Kealakekua. The best pke we had on the Big Island was from Suisan in Hilo. The "burgers" are from Village Burger in Waimea (Kamuela). We did grab a nice bento from Kawamoto Okazuya before heading to the volcanoes, they open at 6am. I'm sure you'll have a great time in Hilo!


Lovely Spouse and I will be on the Big Island for a week and a half in February-- my first trip to Hawaii. Is there any place you ate at on your trip that you would especially recommend?


Hi SK - We went with more of the local and "old time" favorites on the Big Island, so didn't hit some of the places that folks recommend like Monstera, Sansei, and Anthony's. I'd recommend you check out the Hilo's Farmer's Market and get some poke from Suisan, also go to one of the places that serves local grass fed beef. I'm not sure if you know this, but the Big Island holds the largest family owned cattle ranch in the US.


Thanks for the suggestions. I would not have thought to look for a farmer's market, that is a great idea.


(belated) Welcome back, Kirk! Oh everything look so good! It's been 8 years since we were on the Big Island. Never did get over to Hilo side of the island but we keep saying we'd do that the next time we're there.


Hi Carol - Thanks! It's great to hear from you. We had a great time.

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