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Tuesday, 11 December 2012



I think they ran a special documentary on Mrs Teshima here, amazing story! I've always wanted to visit a coffee farm too, looks interesting! Great post as always!


Hi: Teshima's was one of favorite places to go whenever my wife and I were in Kailua-Kona....and the last time was probably like 30+ years ago. I agree with all your comments about the place. Is Manago Hotel still there? Did you eat there? Especially their pork chops? What was that place called in Hilo where you could also get the Japanese breakfast (now closed)? And did you ever eat the fried rice at Rainbow Cafe in Hilo (I think that was the old name)?


Hi Kat - I hope you have a chance to check them out.

Hi Alan - Oh man, you got me racking my brains this early in the morning now!!! ;o) If you look at the We're Back post, perhaps you'll recognize the pork chop. Unfortunately, we were only in Hilo overnight....a Saturday to Sunday. And you know how Sundays are in Hilo, right?


Awww we went there! I can still smell it!


Yeah; thanks for the reply, Kirk. My son and I go back to Honolulu in early March. Making a list of old time places to go eat. Having a hard time coming up with a good list since most of the old time good places are gone. But we will still go to the L&L Drive Inn on Liliha Street, the original one.


Hi Jan - If you still must have really enjoyed it!

Hi Alan - Where have all those places gone....Masu's comes to mind right now......


hey kirk! reid took me to teshima's, it's awesome. i love that sort of place. i got the pork chop, but sort of regret not getting the one smothered in gravy--what's your preference?


Hi Santos - Happy Holidays! I'm thinking it was the Manago Hotel? I love gravy....I love the flavor of the pan on the pork's quite a dilemma! It's basically flipping a I'm really torn. Though I think trying ti without gravy the first time might be better.


Wow laulau. I'm moving up with FOY status. I guess the Hawaii Island thing bugs me because they don't say Maui Island or Oahu Island etc. Love that pic with the egg yolk on the rice. My preference is a dash of shoyu and tobasco and mix it all up.


LOL Kyle! Of course you're a FOY. I did pour on a bit of shoyu after the photo....totally local. I save tabasco for my gravy! ;o)


hi kirk! happy holidays! you're right, i couldn't keep anything straight about that trip--i think we were on the big island for less than 24 hours but had at least 8 food pit stops :D


Now that's an eating mission Santos!

Dean Masutomi

Sadly this week the matriarch of the family, Grandam Teishima passed away this week at the age of 104....what an amazing legacy she leaves behind.


Hi Dean - That's sad. But what a life and like you said, legacy!

Dean Masutomi

Sad news to report Teshima's is closed. i will miss them.


Oh no, that's terrible Dean!

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