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Tuesday, 04 December 2012



How do you pronounce the name of this place? Looks great.


Great post! That's one of my favorite restaurants! i like the fish sauce wings better than the tamarind. we also like the shrimp/pork/green jackfruit salad.

the salt and pepper lime juice with the wings is new. they use to serve it with lime wedges and a small dish filled with salt and pepper separately.

The owner is also a very nice guy!


Yay that was a fun day! That minced wild boar dish was great, seasoning and all. Every time I'm here I get to try a dish I never tried. Special thanks to Kirk for ordering! He's also written a nice article on the reader and mentions the day:

Ed (from Yuma)

Great post. I love the place too. One of Tina and my favs. Just looking at those dishes is mouth watering.


Hi again, HB-I pronounce it "K Hwong", but am not certain if that is proper. The food here is excellent.
Thanks, cc. I haven't yet had anything bad or even mediocre here. Jay is a good guy.
It was such a nice day, Dennis. Thanks for the link-attached it to Kirk's name (and sorry about your name/link; also corrected). Seriously fresh, great food.
Thanks, ed. Just getting you thinking about potential places to visit next time you get out here...


"Kirk did the ordering since he knew what he -and we- would like."

Uh oh, sounds like Kirk is turning into a Mr. Beach. All he needs now is a cool nickname. :)


What a great meal (and day) that was! I love this place. The fish sauce wings are my favorite. I need to go back soon, if anything for the just the wings. :-)


Hi Cathy - It was a blast seeing and chatting with all of you!


You're funny, janfrederick. What happened was that all of us there had 'researched' Que Huong by reading Kirk's posts and I think each one of us mentioned one of the items that he had blogged about. He just ordered it all, plus one 'new' to us item.
It was a really great day, Carol. The large order of wings and maybe a bowl of rice is a meal for two.
Thanks again for everything, Kirk. You make it fun to learn new things.


cathy, i actually looked up banh xeo and kirk wrote in his post that this place had one of the better versions he's had. that was our first foray to QH. of course we tried other stuff that day and during numerous subsequent visits. i liked it so much that we went for mother's day 2 years in a row. perhaps it will be a new tradition.

in my opinon, the banh xeo they make is not as crisp as other versions. theirs is also quite large. i like the crisp banh xeos better actually (sorry QH!).


What a nice a place to go for Mother's Day, cc. Everyone has different preferences for certain items- and places prepare things differently. The bahn xeo here has more filling and the bottom did not stay as crisp, but we end up breaking it up to put into the lettuce leaves anyhow and sogginess isn't a factor.

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