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Sunday, 25 November 2012



Looks like a great brunch! Plus no cooking or dirty dishes on thanksgiving afternoon to deal with. Too bad about the traffic, but I always love that no matter what holiday it is, you can always count on the chinese restaurants to be open.


looks like a great Thanksgiving, Kirk!


Hi Jason - You have a good clean-up!

It was Kat!


So do you remember what the health rating was? I ask because it was 61/100 on a visit many years ago. No letter, just the (low!)number, but the place was packed.


Hi Sandy - According to the latest score on the Los angeles County Department of Public Health they got 90/100.....kind of high, huh? ;o)


SH is my favorite place for dim sum too. Glad to see I'm not alone. Most people I know prefer Elite.


Hi Kirbie - I wasn't too impressed with Elite the two times I've been there....but it's been a while so maybe we'll try it again next time.


hey kirk at least you didn't come home the next day when 5 South was closed all evening in san clemente. we were stuck for 2+ hours.

thanks for the sea harbour tip. we were in LA chinatown on friday and did golden dragon, do you have any other dim sum suggestions for up there?


Egad Paul, that sounds terrible! Elite is good and the favorite of many. I've heard some good things about Lunasia as well. For inexpensive stuff New Capital, 888, and NBC, all in the SGV. For the Chinatown area....well, we don't go there much anymore, it used to be Ocean Seafood, but I've heard the place has gone downhill. Other than the traffic; I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


I was more than disappointed the last (and it will be the last!) time my wife and I went to Sea Harbour. The service was simply terrible. I suspect that they were not pleased when we declined the tea (and the extra charge that comes with it). After that, they were inattentive and, worse, gave us lukewarm dim sum which felt like the dregs of the day.

We were much happier with Lunasia the next time we had dim sum. I'd even take (overpriced) Elite over Sea Harbour in a heartbeat.


Hi Steve - From what I remember Elite charges for tea...and I think Lunasia as well.

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