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Tuesday, 20 November 2012



Hi Kirk! I was a little disappointed that there were actually very few Japanese style wa-fu pastas on the menu. My Japanese friends included, we thought it was going to be the reasonable alternative to Curry House on those lazy days you didn't feel like making at home. I still feel they're not quite there yet to charge what they do and more attractive to me as a casual lunch spot (now only on weekends).


I would totally try that squid ink pasta!

What made those chicken wings Italian? And gross, one wasn't cooked all the way?

My husband and I once went to a now defunct restaurant in SF (way back in 96) called "Oritalia"; it was a "fusion Asian/Italian restaurant. The name sounded too much like "genitalia"! Ha ha! But the "Ori" was short for (and I hate this word), "Oriental"!


Hi Dennis - I think you can sum it up nicely...the good...the pasta was always cooked perfectly. The bad, every dish used the same pasta.

Hi CC - You won't need black lipstick after eating it! ;o) The chicken wings used oregano and other "Italian" seasonings. The girls here felt really bad about the undercooked wing and kept apologizing the entire evening......actually made me feel bad about telling them!


Miko & I love "Japano-Italian" so we are fans! I especially enjoyed the shishito pepper one since I really like yuzukosho. We had the set menu last week but no coffee or juice for us! :-(


aw too bad about this place, though it looks nice from here :)


Check out Sora as well. The chef worked at Nobu, pricy but well done!


Hi Jenne - I wish they's serve more than one pasta-choose your prep.

Hi Kat - It's not bad, pretty good overall.

Hi PedMa - My sources told me over-priced, tourist shakedown, style over substance, but I'll go check it out.


Agreed, more pastas would be great, but at least the one they have is cooked perfectly!
Btw if you're ever in Fort Collins, CO, (my brother lives here and we're visiting for the holiday) check out Cafe de Bangkok.
They have some really interesting dishes. Everything was wonderful!


Hi Jenne - Thanks for the rec!!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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