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Saturday, 24 November 2012



Really enjoy the exploration of new flavors. Recently I had pork heart that i did in the style of anticucho and pig ears I braise in the pressure cooker and fry. The hearts were very good, but I make the mistake that pig ears more braise the better- I think you want to maintain some of the collagen (one hour in the cooker totally make it into the broth). Tonight I make caccio e pepe a simple Italian dish of home made pasta with fresh pepper and some premium cheese include Pecorino Romano. It kind of like the original macaroni and cheese that inspire Thomas Jefferson to introduce to the USA and make so popular.


really shouldn't read your blog so late in the hungry now :)


Hi Grey - You need to hit up more Chinese places, they really know how to make pig ear! Looks like you've been working hard in the kitchen!

LOL Kat!


Wow, that first photo should be censored! (XXX)

How do you "shave" kale? :)


Hi Jan - Either slice very thin, or use a mandolin.....unless your shick is up to the job! ;o) I love drippy egg photos!!!


Did the order come with a defibrillator?


LOL Billy! Though ostrich is very, very lean and good for you! Try some!

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