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Tuesday, 06 November 2012



Aw that's too bad about the oxtail. But it saves me some money from trying it. I still prefer the Tsukemen over the chicken ramen. Happy that it is now officially open for lunch.


Hi Kirk! I really love the tsukemen - in the fact the broth reminds me of Chinese marinade. Too bad about the oxtail - I was curious about it, too, but maybe I will skip it from now on.


Thanks for the shout out :) I'm glad you went - I was curious to see what you thought about the place (after reading Kirbie and Dennis' posts). So are they opened for lunch yet? The Tsukemen, did you think the dipping broth got too cold after a bit? Did you try any of their appetizers (fried chicken, etc)?

Food detective

$4 for a piece of oxtail is a scam. I had to drop off something at ch and it took me 15 min to go from O'Brian to ch. Frustrated but found me a new emergency parking spot. The white car in front of Rkrk in your picture is a good spot! Cant wait to check it out!


So now we have a chicken based broth to add to the San Diego ramen list? Interesting...

I've been really enjoying Yamadaya lately now that it's cooler, however I guess it's time to try RakiRaki. While adding another popular restaurant to that parking lot is trouble, I can always use more ramen.


Hi Kirbie - I enjoy the Tsukemen more as well.

Hi Jinxi - I don't think the oxtail is a good value.

Thank you Faye, for keeping me in "the loop".

Hi TFD - Give it a try.

Hi Jason - Right now it seems that San Diego want more ramen as well.


My son and I were just here a couple of days ago, going for a quick noodle dinner for his birthday. I enjoyed the pull and bite of the noodles but didn't really care much for the original broth. I'll have to try the tsukemen next time.


Hi Jack - So far, I've enjoyed the tsukemen the most.


Hi Kirk, catching up on all my blog reading, it's been a crazy couple weeks. Anyway felt the tsukemen is very acceptable here though the toppings are a bit on the skimpy side. It's a little funny that 'typical' ramen is usually chicken based but since tonkotsu had taken off so much it's now the minority ramen in so. cal. Hope you're doing well.


Hi Dennis - I'd agree on the seems that the price point is a bit on the high side as well.

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