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Friday, 16 November 2012



We tried the predecessor (Green Bowl?) but were not impressed at all. So I've been a little wary of trying this new place. When H Mart opens, they'll probably get a lot more foot traffic, but that parking lot will be crazy.


Judging by the 'regulars' we saw eating in and getting take out (especially since there are other established restaurants in this mall), as well as our order, the food here is very good and consistent. When we went earlier this week, the parking was tight and the store was filled with workers-I'm hoping they will be parking in back once HMart opens.


We drove by on Saturday (on our way to Popeye's) and saw all the people outside, balloons, jammed parking lot. I might stop by today if I get some time to check some things out. I'm running low on a few things anyway.


Heh...I understand on the way to Popeye's, as well as just driving by. Try to avoid the crowds until things settle down, Carol.

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