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Wednesday, 14 November 2012



gonna need something soupy over here, temps have dropped quite low...this looks good!


I was just down the street over the weekend, but didn't drive quite far enough to see this place. Sounds like they may have worked out their kinks by now. I like dining early too, but I think the drawback is that certain dishes may not be available yet.

Food detective

Everything looks good. I'm not a bun moc expert but it doesn't
look right for some reason. More mushrooms maybe? Did you try bun bo?


Oh baaaaahhnnn cooooooon!!!!! Me want!


Hi Kat - I hope you keep warm!

Hi sandy - That's very true, they often may not have some things.

Hi TFD - Haven't tried the Bun Mam and other stuff yet.

Hi Jan - Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Anthony Tran

Kirk tried this place probably about 1 week after you posted it. I'm glad you came back several times to go through their menu and I used your review as a guideline for my visits there. I tried the Banh Coun and Bun Moc on my first visit. I enjoyed the Banh Coun very much and Bun Moc was interesting. When I got back to the office from lunch, I couldn't help but want to take a nap. I had a good laugh about it because I remembered you said they can be heavy handed with the MSG.

Next up was the Bun Bo Hue, can't say I liked it very much though. But you know my heart and stomach belongs to Mein Trung when it comes to matter of the HUE.

My other visit including trying their Banh Mi and egg rolls. Banh Mi was decent not like my favorite place Lucky Seafood though but a bit better than most of the other offering around the neighborhood.

The ladies were always very friendly when I visited. Its been while since my last visit but I want to support them because they got some dishes worth going there for. I'll try the Bun Rieu or the Pho Dat Biet the next time especially since the weather been so cold of late, oh I can't forget to order the Banh Coun too. Yummy


Hi Anthony - I stil haven't tried the Bun Bo Hue, so thansk for the heads-up. I'll have to drop by here again soon!

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