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Wednesday, 07 November 2012



Ha ha, road kill!

Can't wait for H-Mart and the new Zion to open!

"pick up my guitar and play....just like yesterday...."


oh yum! a french/korean combo bakery sounds fun and different


LOL CC! Yep, that's the one......

Hi Lynnea - I've had stuff from them wasn't too bad. It's a pretty popular chain.


Hey, I've seen both signs! I didn't get a close look at the Roadem name, but maybe they're trying to tell us something about their menu. I've never been to Paris Baguette (I wondered if there was a banh mi connection), but I'm all for more bakeries.


I'm not digging the Roadem name but I'm super excited about Paris Baguette! I go to one up in the Bay when I visit my parents. It's a bit pricey but I end up getting so lost in all the baked goods and always end up with a ton.


Hi Sandy - LOL!

Hi Kirbie - I almost thought it said "RoadEnt" at first..... man, my eyesight is getting pretty bad! Soon you'll have not one, but two Paris Baguettes to choose from!


Does anyone know when H-Mart is set to open? I heard end of October, then I heard some dispute about the sign...I thought they would try and open for "Chuseok" but I guess not.


Hi "A" - I heard November 17th.....


The 17th it is.


Thanks for the link Roland......I have a feeling it's going to be a madhouse on that day!

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