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Thursday, 01 November 2012



Manila Sunset just opened - it's off Mira Mesa Boulevard on the east side of I-15 in the same strip mall as Play It Again Sports. I don't know if it's a turo turo place, but I heard the lines were out the door.


Hah, we just dropped by R&B on Thursday. I probably had turo turo on the brain from your post last week. Decent stuff, but no sisig. ):


I need to visit R&B. I've read your posts on it so many times, but haven't had a chance to go.


Hi Sandy - MS has never been my favorite chain....I dunno, there's something about the stuff they serve.....

Hey Jan - Turo-turo on the brain.....that kind of describes me at times too. I gotta get there when they have hamonado.

Hi Kirbie - Yeah, check them out......they are a decent alternative to MFF if you get tired of the place.


too bad that steak was too salty.


Hi Kat - Yes, I know...too bad.


Which is your fav place to get lechon?


Hi Soo - Whole pig or lechon kawale? If it's lechon kawale, much of it depends on timing, i.e.... when it hit the steam table. I've had good stuff from multiple places, Tita's, Pinoy Fiesta, Point-Point....but I never tell myself, "today you're going to get lechon kawale".......


Lechon kawale. I've never had it before. Is it like Chinese roast pork? What are your tips on getting good lechon kawale at the places you mention?


Hi Soo - In simple terms, lechon kawale is first simmered, then dried, then fried pork belly with skin. It should look crisp, but not dry or waxy. If you luck out, you'll get it just when they bring it out. Enjoy!

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