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Thursday, 25 October 2012



ah too bad about the food.


Hi Kat - Yead, kind of sad, not as good as before.


wow, they had binagoongan baboy? that's one of my faves, but i rarely eat it nowadays since it can be too salty. was that bittermelon in there?


Too bad about the sisig... so where is your favorite spot for sisig nowadays? I had Burlap's trendy/fusion version of sisig and it was "interesting", now I kinda want the real thing.


Kirk, I thought that top dish looks like pinakbet and I thought the green pieces are bitter melon but I know you know the difference between green bell pepper and bitter melon so maybe it is their version of binagoongan. The binagoongan I know though is cubed pork, sans what looks to be tomatoes and other vegs. I looked at their menu and they do list pinakbet. Did your dish have the other items listed in their menu? You're brave for eating bagoong.


Hi CC - No that was bell peppers, it was pretty salty.

Hi Jason - Sorry to say I can't make any recommendations right now. I'll let you know when I find a good sisig.

Hi WFB - Funny you should mention pinakbet. Growing up in Hawaii all my Filipino friends were Ilocano, so I ate quite a bit of pinakbet. We also enjoy bagoong..... Nice spice in this one, good amount of bagoong. This would be the weirdist pinakbet (where's the green beans?), I'd ever had.

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