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Monday, 22 October 2012



Oh man, I've been meaning to go back here. I used to work nearby and this was a regular spot for us. Looks tasty!


I've heard a lot of this place ever since moving down to SD and still haven't had the chance to check them out. I'm always up for a hearty breakfast, sounds good..


I've been wanting to try this place so bad! Their prices seem so reasonable and the portions huge. How was the bacon/sausage - was it dry?


I love reading your annual birthday week posts!


I haven't been to Tip Top Meats in ages, but I remember there's always a large number of senior citizens dining there (Older folks = reasonable prices + large portions).


We try to stop here when when in North County, Jan. Always good.

It opens at 0600 every day, Dennis. You'll like it. (You just walk up and with your receipt to ask for more meat if you order the Big John.)

Oh Faye- they make the sausage here and each type is distinctive-not dry at all. The bacon is wonderful!-thick cut; meaty.

Thanks, Kirbie! It's fun to share.

The first time we went here, Sandra, we just thought it was :a) German (every place I know named Tip Top in Detroit was owned by Germans) and 2. a grocery store. Then we saw a line of (yes-older) was a Friday, and TT only does the Prime Rib Roast special on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A very large portion of meat, cooked as you like, and one rib bone along with all the sides. Back then it was $4 or $5; now it's $13...still a great deal.

Soo Hom

Wow! All you can eat meat... Mmmmm... Can you get the breakfast special all day long?


I actually remember the prime rib dinners for $5! I also remember going there on St. Patrick's Day where there was a looooong line (not just older folks) for the corned beef dinner.

I believe they only serve breakfast in the mornings.


Hi, Soo. Breakfast goes until noon. There is usually a long line/full seating on weekends when breakfast and lunch are overlapping.
I think part of the allure is that Tip Top is an old fashioned 'local' butcher shop, Sandy. Went in for breakfast in January and Big John was there greeting everyone- and it was his birthday! I didn't know about St. Patrick's day; writing it down.

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