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Monday, 15 October 2012



How funny – I literally just had the Dac Biet here a few hours ago. Mine was also lacking in mayo, but had so much pate and some of the cuts were so juicy that I actually didn't mind at all (and there's nothing more disappointing than dry banh mi!).


Hi Sage - Well, I wish I had gotten your sandwich instead! ;o)


I had a barbecue pork banh mi there once, and the pork was chopped up really fine, almost like ground pork, and was suspended in some viscous gravy-like substance. Never again.


Ugh, that doesn't sound very appetizing MrZ!


don't think I've encountered a dry banh mi, must've been terrible...too bad :(


I remember Captain Jack did a post on this a while back and I went to try the goi cuon. I found a hair in mine (ewwww) and haven't gone back since.


Hi Kat - Yeah, I really didn't care for the banh mi.

Yuck CC......that's terrible.


I still can't believe you don't like rousong, but regular meat that dry is not a good thing. I haven't even thought to try this place in ages even though I see it often.


Hi Kirbie - This isn't my favorite place for banh mi.....

Food detective

This place is suspect from afar. I only tried
The sugarcane juice which was bland.


Hey TFD - Funny thing is, someone told me that the bestthing they do is the sugarcane juice! ;o)


I used to pick up a banh mi here if I was making a lunchtime grocery run at the market. It's been awhile since I've done that, and I can't remember anything about the sandwich. Maybe that's a good thing?!


We used to go to Sau Voy all the time, but it must have been a while ago; sandwiches were $1.75...have found that the green tea- without sweetened condensed milk or boba- but with half and half, is unlike beverages from other places; it's made with matcha powder and very nice. Usually one of us orders that as the other is in line paying for groceries across the hall at 99Ranch.


Maybe Sandy...maybe! ;o)

Hey Cathy - The banh mi are now $3.75 and $ it must have been a while.

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