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Monday, 01 October 2012



Hi Kirk, I finally saw a SJB stall in Tokyo my last visit couple of years ago. Also I actually have a friend who's family (from Peking) runs a Chinese restaurant but they called it fried-XLB because of its unfamiliarity. Doesn't seem to have quite taken off yet but I don't know why. I think they're amazing!


:( for some of the dishes and service.


Hi Dennis - I'm sure it's just a matter of time....

Hi Kat - It's strange that the Shanghai style dishes were the weakest.


I always wondered how you guys were able to put down multiple meals in a row. Of course there has to be a strategy!

Kirk K and The Art Of Eating


$1.24/ XLB?!! That's insane. Or is that what they charge here too?! I tend to stay away from XLB at Dim sum places b/c they never turn out right - just super dry and tasteless. But the pics of the Shenjian Bao. Still searching for a memorable SJB here in San Diego :(


LOL MrZ - I'd weigh like a half ton if we didn't have a survival strategy!

Hi Faye - The one flaw in your logic is that this is, first and foremost a Shanghai style the object would be opposite...I would be more leary of regular dim sum here. I really don't eat XLB in San Diego anymore.....


Well of course there has to be a strategy! heehee. Everyone should know that.
I have been wanting to try this place for quite a while now, but mainly because I heard good things about the SJB.


@kirbie and kirk - i agree about the "strategy", heheh! :)


Hi Kirbie - I guess folks just don't think about these things like we do huh? ;o)

Hi CC - You gotta have that plan!!!!

Food detective

I totally understand the food strategy...unlike someone "wink wink"


LOL TFD! No need to name, names....we know who he is!!! Hopefully, he's now with the program.


Kirk, I saw my name again. I am famous. :)


Yes're (in)famous! Just kidding!

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