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Wednesday, 17 October 2012



our weather had taken a 180, and we're in the low 60s...brr.


Yikes, what's going on with the weather Kat?


Weird about the Chinese words on the package. It pretty much means the powder (?) could "substitute" MSG and Chicken boullion.


Hi Jess - I like the English translation the best....


As noted above that package is a mushroom based powder that adds "umami" flavor. I keep it in a shaker and use it all the time.


Kirk, that mushroom extract has MSG in it, it's just called hydrolized vegetable protein (which is where MSG is extracted from these days).

The kicker is there is a very similar looking bag, made in Singapore, that's actually pure mushroom extract. So look for the "made in Singapore" version, and you'll be fine.

Mushroom extracts, Japanese kelp powder, these are the real deal "umami".


Hi Heidi - I actually make my own mushroom powder.

Hey Tenjo - Yeah, I know what HVP is. I actually never use stuff like this in my cooking...I just thought the English wording was kind of...well, ironic in a way.


Kirk, you make your own mushroom powder??? Will you be willing to share your recipe? I'm always looking for natural recipes :-)

I want to tell you that I found pure ground kelp powder at Marukai! The little bag was not cheap, about $10. It does add umami to my food.


Hi Tenjo - Mine is real simple, dried mushrooms, salt pulverized in a spice grinder. Cut the mushroom into manageable pieces before grinding or by the cheap sliced dried ones. Pulverize the daylights out of the stuff. Sift, I also fold in some cornstarch to prevent clumping...but be aware, if you use this as a base for soup it will thicken it.


Thanks Kirk! This may be a good reason for me to buy a coffee grinder/spice grinder. I only have the sesame grinder, and I don't know if that's strong enough to grind dried mushrooms.

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