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Monday, 17 September 2012



Love the photo of the remnants of your fish Cathy!


I didn't realize they were remodeling. I like going here but just not on weekends! We haven't eaten at the steam tray place before - good to know of all the different choices and that there is quick turnaround!

Did you eat the eyeballs? :)


When I was in undergrad here, they had these glorious nestle fruit drop candies (like gum drops, but a lot better in chew and intense flavors) that were packaged in paper tubes. Not the chocolate covered ones...just fruit drops. I have not found those candies anywhere else, and I went back to that 99 Ranch last month to see if they had it, and sadly they did not.

Those 3.99 specials make me want to go get some chinese lunch specials now. Haha...maybe tomorrow for lunch...


"Remnants". How polite. Thanks Kirk.
Oh, I even posted about the steam tray area here back in 2007, cc. Maybe I'll link it into this post. Easy and good food. The Kung Pao tofu (without the rice) does not increase my blood sugar...(yes, I ate the eyeballs!)
I remember those, Sawyer! One tube had only black current flavor and there was one multi and I think maybe one was all strawberry. I'd mail back to my parents-dad loved them....teensy tiny gumdrop shapes, filled with flavor.

Ed (from Yuma)

Sorry I am so whelmed. I just have time to read your and kirk's posts. I will get my head above water one of these days. good ol' Ranch 99!!


How does the won ton soup compare to the won ton soup at Sam Woo?


love it!


99Ranch is just a great place for groceries as well as ready made food, isn't it ed? I can understand why it's one of your stops when you visit SD. Now, get back to work.
Oooh, good question, Soo; it's a toss up. I do like the won ton soup at Sam Woo for breakfast, but only because it's a larger serving and I can get hot coffee with condensed milk for only 30¢.
The store, the grab and go food or the post, Rod?


I enjoyed this location of 99 Ranch during my San Diego visit last December. It's so much nicer than the one near Anaheim Disneyland. There are these huge triangle Taiwanese style sponge cakes, just a litte over a dollar and very tasty. Way better than the small dinky ones for the same price in Northern California Asian/Chinese/TWese bakeries. Also can't beat the 99 Ranch employee making imagawayaki (grill red bean cake) past the cashier.


There are lots of great items sold here, BeefNoGuy. The imagawayaki Lady is usually there on weekends, or later in the day when I'm not there. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.


I'll have to go back here shortly since it's been almost a month since my last visit. They had already started the remodeling then.

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