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Sunday, 09 September 2012



Ha! The Mister and I went to Pho Lucky today and got the Nem Nuong Cuon! It is really good here. Then we went into the store and picked up some of the black sesame seed wrappers like we had at Que Huong (which I have to post about!)


That was another fun day at Que Huong Kirk, and great to see Sawyer again!


Hi Cathy - I'm looking forward to that one!

Hi Dennis - It's always a great time with all of you!


you got my taste buds excited again... I wish I could eat all of this


Hi Grey - Some of it was really good....I always thought you were in SD???


Funny I was just there yesterday and Jay said he saw you. That must have been this visit. :) For our wings, there were some drummettes thrown in. How nice to have something made by Jay's mom!


I do like that banh xeo.


Que Hong has been on my to-eat list for a while. Those wings look so good!


Now I have to run to Que Huong for some chicken wings.


Hi CC - Yeah, I was just there twice in the last three weeks......

Hi Jan - They do it rather well. When it's on, I really enjoy it.

Hi Jinxi - There are a couple of dishes that Que Huong does rather well...but those chicken need to eat them there, when hot, are probably the best item on the menu.

Hi YY - Well make sure you walk....not run, ok! ;o)


It was great seeing and catching up with you all! Que Huong was awesome...loved trying all the new things, especially the jackfruit salad and wild boar.

Always a pleasure and will let you all know next time I'm down as well!


Hey Sawyer - It was so nice to see you as well! Don't be a stranger!


Mmm, everything looks good, my tummy is rumbling surely you can hear it over there! Hey look I finally figured out how to comment on your site again from my mobile device, I can't link to my site for some reason. Typepad doesn't like it


Hi FH - That's strange..... But it's very nice to hear from you! I hope all is well...I really enjoyed seeing you on that PBS show!

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