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Wednesday, 26 September 2012



I have to be thankful I don't get hateful emails...


Hi Kat - It's strange, I don't get very many, but they seem to come in waves...


So sad that there are such small-minded people. Hope it didn't hurt you!

Rolf & Michaela


Sounds like a couple owners of bad restaurants would rather spend time emailing bloggers than fixing their problems.

Soo Hom

How does the fried rice compare to Golden Chopsticks? That's where I usually go for shrimp fried rice.


Wow, I thought you only had five people that actually read your blog and two of those are contributors. lol. Just kidding Kirk don't let the keyboard warriors get to you. Keep posting I enjoy reading about your journeys and food reviews.


Hi Michaela - Nah, those things don't bother me too much's just kind of weird.

Hi Jan - I'm not sure if it's that population, but it's strange how it kind of happens in threes.

Hi Soo - I haven't been to GC in over three years, but I recall enjoying MC much long it's shrimp fried rice.

Hi Kyle - No, actually it's forgot to count yourself! LOL!


Man, I'd really go for an ABCDE restaurant right now. The Chinese restaurant scene here in SK is rather - dismal - especially when the majority of menus only offer the same three to four dishes...


Hi Ed - Wow, I didn't think the variety of Chinese food in South Korea would be so bad.


Yeah, if you want variety in a Chinese restaurant here, you have to really PAY for it through the nose...


Aw, too bad the wings weren't up to par.


That really sucks Ed.....

Hi Carol - Yeah, i was really disappointed.


argh i can't believe people send you hateful emails. glad to hear it's not that often. your posts are the BEST! so informative and more times than not you will even give local restaurants another chance if your first visit wasn't up to par and if you have good reason to give them another try. i am so thankful whenever i have time to read your blog. and your blogs entries and photos from your travels are way more interesting and informative than many i've seen in published guidebooks. having specialized knowledge in an area (food!), expecting a certain quality when eating out, and stating your opinion about your own experiences in no way makes you a food snob. i can't even believe someone called you that. i always check here first for interesting places to eat and also on new-restaurant rumors and activity. did you see the new rakiraki sign in the "worst parking on convoy" plaza? and the new crepe place sign next door where crepe world was? i wonder if crepe world and coconut tree just decide to renovate and then reopen with a new name (didn't seem like they were there for very long)? but i think maybe not since i saw the crepe place's menu through the window and they don't have the mochi topping that i so loved from crepe world before (???). anyway i told my hubby that if anyone knows what's going on, it's probably kirk at the mmmyoso blog or one of his food-blog friends! even if you don't know, i thought of your blog when i saw the new sign driving down convoy this week. please keep blogging when you have time. your blog is one of my favs!


Hi Dancing - Yes, Rakiraki is doing a soft opening right now, dinner only from 6pm. They're a Nagoya based. Thanks for the kind know, sometimes it gets a bit weird here. Don't quite know what going with the Crepe place....but I'll find out. Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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