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Tuesday, 25 September 2012



When you said "the worst parking on Convoy", I immediately wondered if you meant the lot where O'Brien's is. Yep.


Everybody knows that lot Mike! LOL!


hopefully the soup noodles will pull through!


I hope so too Kat!


That was basically my impression too. The food is okay for an occasional quick lunch. And the owners seem super nice. I didn't realize they were from Japan. That does explain why they are serving Japanese and Chinese.


Hi Kirbie - I think his wife is from Taiwan...either way, it doesn't really matter, they are really nice folks. I wish them well......


haha i was just wondering about this place too but told my hubby that i thought you'd have a post about this some time soon. yup! it sure did look confusing to me when i looked at the menu posted on the window a little while back. but some of the food in your pics here looks good. maybe i will give it a try some time. and friendly people is always a plus although i don't mind surly service one bit if the food is consistently delicious! and you just HAD to mention champon, huh? my favorite champon was the nagasaki champon that was at the Noodle House (i think the full name was Noodle House of Otemoyan) in that same "worst parking lot on Convoy" plaza and which closed like eight years ago (way back then i emailed you to ask if you knew what happened to it!). ah i miss that version of nagasaki champon so much - never to be had again! even izakaya sakura's champon was disappointing compared to the one they used to serve at Noodle House. okay so maybe will have to give the one at Red Moon a chance some time! p.s. i agree with you that the parking lot with o'briens is one of the worst on convoy. but my VERY worst parking lot experiences (not exactly ON convoy but in the convoy area) were the few times i tried to park at zion marketplace. i actually saw pedestrians almost get killed (people backing out at full speed without looking behind them) and cars almost hit each other (and people simltaneously) in that parking lot. seriously scary! i'm sure it will be much better if they do move to the former kmart space. i dunno... think i'm just used to the o'brien's parking lot. not fun by any means but during certain times of the day it is actually not too bad (i think we usually go between the lunch and dinner rush when possible). but yeah, like others, i also guessed the parking lot you were talking about even before i read the complete post! who knows, i've probably almost "run into" you and the missus in that parking lot before. literally! haha. =)


p.s. yes i KNOW. why in the world would i order the nagasaki champon of all things at izakaya sakura (even the japanese ladies at the table in back of us loudly commented on that fact after i had placed my order - i was mixed between thinking they were really rude for commenting so loudly about my order and being amused). i just had to see if by chance they could match up to the nagasaki champon i had loved at Noodle House. i know champon is not what people would normally order first at izakaya since it's not izakaya sakura's specialty (like their sushi and other yummy offerings!). just thought i'd add this p.s. since i know it's one of your regular places. =)


Hi Dancing - From what I understand after following the dots all these years is the owner of Otemoyan was pretty much up there in age, but married a woman much younger, had a chaild and moved back to Japan. And yes, you've probably walked past me before....I'm pretty good at fading into the background! Wouldn't that be a hoot! We just either go to Zion early in the morning or park in the lot across the street. I'm sure you'll be happy when they move to their new location, huh?

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