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Sunday, 30 September 2012



The Pork Entomatado looks delicious! (snicker, said "corn smut.")


Hey Carol - LOL! Funny thing is....I actually caught myself using an 'l" instead of an 'm' that would have been pretty bad! ;o)


nice that most of their food hadn't changed, looks great from here!


Hi Kat - Yeah, I think they've gotten better even...


That looks like a fine meal! I will go back to a place for the rice and beans alone... the spicy pork looks fabulous!


i like this place - the dishes they serve have unusual sauces that you don't find at other Mexican places. the owner is also really nice. i asked him once what was in one of his sauces and he said the only way i would ever know is if i married him! What!!! So funny!!!!!


Hi FH - The entomatado is my favorite item on the menu.

Hi CC - LOL! Thy are a real friendly bunch. I think the food's actually gotten better here over the years.

Black Belt Jonez

Hi Kirk,

This post was referenced in one of your latest ones so I was wondering how the huitlacoche quesadillas here compare to the ones at Aqui Es Texcoco? I've never tried huitlacoche before but I'm pretty eager to.


They are both good BBJ. There's also another place you might want to try that I think might be even closer....I gotta get back to these places:

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