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Tuesday, 18 September 2012



Hi Kirk, nice to finally read your take on the place. I'm actually pretty ok with their chashu but agree in liking the kakuni more. I've always been in the camp that not all chashu need be melty tender which seems to be the big trend these days. But yeah it being cold is NG (which I find the way more often at Yakyudori than anywhere else).
Tsukemen dip is typically salty but I find the version here not backed with a foundation of solid umami and intense flavor. Not a very good example imo (but also have a feeling Yamadaya isn't the only shop guilty of it, everyone rushing to have a version of it on their menu). But anyway I think they should recommend the crushed raw garlic more to people since many don't know about it (and it's free). A clove makes such a difference. And if you ask me, so does the slurping. ;)


Hey Dennis - I don't mind a bit of toothsomeness to my chashu, in fact I enjoy that. This wasn't was just dry. I've been told that slurping helps to aerate the noodles and broth making the update of flavor better....really????


seeing how it is still high 80s over here, I am perspiring just reading this. It looks really good though.


Hot weather and sitting at the bar. Hehe, I can definitely relate. I've been waiting to read your post. I'm really glad I didn't try the tsukemen now. I haven't really enjoyed the chashu here either.


Hi Kat - Man, it hit triple digits here when I, it was kind of tough.

Hi Kirbie - Not my favorite chashu, that's for certain. I'm hoping they get the A/C dialed in...but we might just have to wait for winter! ;o)


I think "BabyZ" is more fitting, and better conforms to the naming convention of "MrZ" and "MrsZ". *engineer* Speaking of BabyZ, here he is!

MrsZ has been reading lots of child development blogs. Apparently there's only 2 years to go before we can start having BabyZ help cut vegetables in the kitchen. I can't wait.


I had the Kotteri combo a couple weeks ago and liked it, although I don't know how folks are able to eat the whole combo, it's a lot of food! We sat outside since it was so hot inside, it's was pretty nice in the shade despite the heat, but you get a lot of flies buzzing around and the ambience is slightly lacking, so I guess it's a tradeoff. Thanks for the review though, I'll try the Kakuni next time.


Hi Kirk, I guess I haven't run into a terrible chashu here yet (knock on wood!), but as for slurping absolutely. Though I notice the difference more in aromatic broths/tsuyu like with a Soba's with the katsuo and kombu dashi. It's more an olfactory sensation than something you taste on your tongue.


Hey MrZ - Baby Z it is! Cute photo!

Hi Jason - Hope fully all those things will be straightened out. I don't recall it being that hot when it was Big Fish.

Hi Dennis - Have fun slurping away.....

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