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Monday, 24 September 2012



too bad some of the dishes changed, but good you went to check them out.


hey kirk! yeah, this chung king is disappointing. the one on san gabriel blvd is better; even though i haven't been to the latter location in awhile, friends say it is still way better than this location.

back to the egg! i think i am remembering it completely differently from what it actually is, which makes me worry for my pre-teen self (when i originally bought that album). did the vinyl have a hidden track? i swear it had a hidden track.


Hi Kat - Yeah, we just had to go back and check them out.

Hi Santos - So sad, this was the orignal location and man, it used to be soooo good. I'll have to try the SGBlvd location. I think there was something about playing something backwards??? And wasn't the Christmas song on this I'm getting worried!


Wow, and to think I was a latecomer reading this forum. I think I started around here:


Too bad about the declining quality of the food. :(

re: Paul McC - the only song from that album that I vaguely remember was "Getting Closer". My favorite Wings album was 1973's "Band on the Run" and my fave McC album was "All the Best" (1987/a greatest hits album)


Congrats on post #2046! hehe. It's too bad this place isn't as good as before though the intestines look delicious.


Hi Jan - I don't think you're a late comer....many of the folks commenting back then don't seem to be around anymore....

Hi CC - Actually the lyrics qutoed is from Getting Closer:
"Say you don't love him, my salamander,
Why did you need him?
Oh no, don't answer, oh no."
Yikes! I still love Wings over America.....listen to it all the time.

Hi Kirbie - Man, this place used to be great....kinda sad in a way.

jeff c

great post. Just was there this past couple weeks ago and ate at Yun Chuan , loved it. Tried a Taiwanese breakfast place called Huge Tree Bakery (awesome) and tried Half and Half Tea ( I know they've been around but we haven't). Went to Sawtelle and tried some places there, Tofu Ya (OK) but saw so many new places on Sawtelle. Amazing. Really vibrant restaurant scene.


Hi Jeff - How are you? I hope all is well! Sounds like you had a great time in LA!

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