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Wednesday, 19 September 2012



Bad feng shui all around! Maybe the existing restaurants on Convoy soaked it all up already.


About Nam An - i had lunch there with carol last year and bit into a shard of plastic in my iced coffee (i thought it was an ice cube). turns out that they scooped their ice with their plastic cups. WTF, right? good thing i didn't swallow it and rip my throat up. the least they could have offered me was a free coffee. but no.

another closing - tacos el poblano in downtown cv is now Tacos el Toro!


So, Matthew and I have noticed the same thing regarding LHK. it hasn't been open the last couple of times we've been in that strip mall. But I'm surprised that you didn't find Apple House open since we just walked by it a week ago or so and it was busy with lots of tables filled. didn't see a menu outside but we are planning on trying it out soonish.


How funny. I went to check out Apple this weekend after seeing the grand opening sign and reading some good reviews and saw the same remodeling sign. I hope it really is temporary. I also saw LHK closed. I'm not surprised about Nam An. The last time I went a few months ago, we went on a Saturday during dinner hours and the place was completely dead. We were the only customers around. And the food quality has really dropped our previous trips. After that, we stopped going because it seemed like a goner. It's too bad because I really enjoyed it when it first opened.


Apparently so MrZ!

Hey CC - I remember reading about that.

I think Apple is probably reopened by now Lynnea. Hopefully they were really just doing a "small renovation".

Hi Kirbie - It seems sad they were never able to sustain things....

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