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Saturday, 15 September 2012



ooh, it's near Sultan...time to make a trip out! but not while it's 100+ out! what a great find - i really like oaxaca style cheese. everything looks great, especially the memelas and the mole.


You'll get to know this whole neighborhood pretty soon, cc-using Sultan as the central reference point should make it easier to navigate. Everything here is so good and so fresh; you'll really like it. Deciding what to order is the challenge.


Oh man! That's going to be lunch today for sure. Sultan is already on our rotation and now a great sounding Mex nearby. Perfecto!


Looks fantastic Cathy! Thanks for sharing. Another place on the old to-do list!


ahhh...wish i knew about this place when I was down there! I've been wanting to try mole for the longest time now.


Eeek! Lena's is closed on Sunday, ken. Garcia's market is open though. So sorry I forgot to put that on the hours.
You're welcome, Dennis. You'll like it when you do get a chance to be in East County.
I didn't know you had a mole craving, Sawyer. Next time you are here, definitely.


Yup, closed on Sunday as we discovered. We consoled ourselves with fresh torillas and salsa from the market. The grilled chicken looked good but we try to stay on the vegan path. Plenty of other cool stuff for Mex cooking. Thanks for the interesting post!


Well, at least you know where it's located and how to get there, ken. I didn't know about your being vegan, Sultan is an excellent choice in that area as are a lot of selections atña-mexican-food-a-re-visit.html about a mile West. There are a lot of great places in that part of town.

Jan from Lakeside

I have heard that Garcia's has a family dinner for 4 Special on Wednesdays, you get tortillas, salsa, beans, rice and carnitas for cheap. I love their tortillas, they have them fresh in a hot box at the market near my house in Lakeside too.


Those tacos look seriously good.


Yes, the $15.99 Wednesday special includes 2 pounds of all those ingredients, including the carnitas, Jan. I've seen the Garcia Tortilla truck but had never looked for the tortillas elsewhere; nice to know they supply local/smaller markets. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.
They are very good, Tara. Welcome to our blog.

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