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Tuesday, 04 September 2012



Hi Kirk, funny a friend of mine recently asked me if I'd been here and I told him not since opening.


ew fishy smell...ew


Hi Dennis - It's pretty much the same....

Hi Kat - I'm not sure if it's just me.....


Hi Kirk, when they first opened in Irvine, the chicken was incredible! You did have to wait for 30 min., since it's fried to order. The chicken was incredibly fantastic - organic and was not raised on feed. Honeybuns and I can taste the feed in chickens when they're factory chickens.

The batter was made from rice flour, thin and crispy, seasoned with kimchi juice, and the glaze had kimchi flavors in it as well (hence your fishy taste). Honeybuns and I LOVED it.

6 months later they changed the recipe, the Korean flavors were gone, the chicken was hacked into bits, so your food was ready in 10 min. And they changed the chicken, and it's just feed chickens now. Completely different flavors. Not worth going now.


Hi Tenjobara - Well, this location has pretty much been the same since they I guess they're consistent, right? BTW, the chicken I'm talking about is the regular fried glaze, but fishy taste.

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