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Friday, 14 September 2012



Wow those look fantastic! And thanks for the veggies the other day! Now I know where they came from.. :)


gorgeous! i have a black thumb, even with things that are supposed to be fool-proof :P


Thanks and you're welcome, Dennis. I need to take photos of the whole garden as it is growing, but tending to it is a priority.
Hi santos! In prior years, tomatoes weren't great and so we tried different types, planting the seedlings in different locations around the yard so as to figure out if it's our inland weather, fertilizing or type of tomato. Ironically, the only type that didn't turn out great are the Japanese-an already started plant.


We put our extra tomatoes in the food dehydrator to dry them out, then stored them in the freezer. Then, in the winter months, you can rehydrate them in water or oil and have extra tasty sun dried tomatoes for cooking. Great in pasta. Just a thought.....


Ken- usually I do cook up a batch (with no olive oil and no onion) then put into freezer bags and freeze flat, which can then be stacked in the freezer. Dehdrating can happen also;I think there will be plenty of tomatoes to be able to experiment. Thanks for the idea.

Ed (from Yuma)

great post. Wonderful looking tomatoes.


Thank you, ed. The Genovese are more acidic and flavorful; like what we grew up eating. I'm saving seeds for next year.


I'll bet those red red scrunched up tomatoes with all those cheeks taste the best. Here in Fl you can get a hot pepper plant going bush like and lasting 3-4 years. You can prolly get the same lifespan. Just buy a plant at a garden center, some are sold as ornamentals


Those Genovese tomatoes do have the boldest, acidic, tomato from the vine flavor, Carls. I've seen those hot pepper ornamentals and need some color in my yard for autumn. Landscaping with edibles-great idea!


Hi Cathy! Your tomatoes and peppers were delicious. Thank you again for sharing your bounty. I've never had much luck with those topsy turvy planters, certainly not like what they advertise or what you're getting. I've done much better with conventional cages although no tomato plants for me this year due to laziness. hehe.

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