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Sunday, 12 August 2012



my favorite carne asada place in hawaii (diego's) went out of business :( will have to seek it out elsewhere...


yeah aguachile needs to be fresh or not at all for me. Nothing will make you sicker than bad shrimp. The avocado looks faded and so does the cucumber and the lime also. Not inspiring confidence for me.

On a positive note I love fish rolled taco when done properly is really good (one of my favorite)

Some would say that cilantro is not authentic but I like it and it seems a fresh herb like this would elevate the freshness factor especially with the menudo I am used to onion, cilantro, radish..

How come no fresh herb in any of the dish :(((


Hi Kat - That sucks......there are taco shops on just about every other block here in San Diego.

Hi Grey - There's n area with onions, etc.....I just took my photo before adding it to the soup....which was on the bland side. I thought the rolled tacos were the best item I ate here.


The Mister and I stopped here (after a quick trip to Rockler next door) and also tried the mole along with a shrimp coctele. I think we were hoping for a mole to replace the good stuff from the now closed Los Pueblos; it won't be a replacement...the coctele was not bad, but not great. The CAF do look good, other than the carb count; will try next time.


Hi Cathy - I reallly had the same thought in mind when I ordered the mole.....but it ain't even close.


the best CAF's? - Lolita's.


Aguachile sounds so incredible right now in this heat - something spicy yet cold! What's your favorite place for Aguachile or ceviche right now in this SD heat?


Hi CC - I've heard about Lolita's, but also about a place that's even better....gotta wait until I recover from this....

Hi Faye - For aguachile, I think Mariscos German does a decent job. For cocteles I still like La Playita.


I like the CA at a place called Jalapenos up on Carmel Mountain road. I find most CA in san diego doesn't have a nice sear or char on it, however Jalapenos gets that yummy carmelization on theirs.


Hi Jason - That does sound good!

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